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A W 17

  Metamorphosis is a collection that is inspired by the modern deconstructed 3D shapes of Thai architectures, Thai’s morality and the softness of drapes from monk etiquette. 

 The key elements of this collection are large voluminous pleats and clean oversized shapes. This collection explored the use of embroideries such as, smocking and special 3D narrow zig-zag influenced by shapes of three dimensional architectures. However, in an unusual pattern of smocking with a combination of tassels that were carefully hand-dyed, inspired by the artwork of an artist named, ‘Vasan Sitthiket,’ who painted satirised art about Thailand’s politics. The base fabrics are beige and ivory colour in shiny silk, silk twill and layers of organzas as a delicate contrast to red, yellow and blue from the tassles.  

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