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Collection '20-'21

Komyuniti is inspired by the Shin-hanga movement. Celebrating self-expression and individualism whilst maintaining traditional themes. Reminiscing Onna-bugeishas, female samurais and heroic figures of the Post-modern era alongside the coming of new modern period. This season, we unite Western tailoring with Japanese conventional apparel.

Reinventing the traditional costumes with our soft-tailoring and modern approach. In this collection, the leather weaving technique resembles the armours that were used in the Pre-historical period and the silhouette of traditional kimono reinvented into contemporary ready-to-wear pieces with the use of technical knit, organza incorporated with organic cotton and wool suiting fabric. The embroidery technique was derived by the admiration of  Shin-hanga prints and the use of subtle and romantic colour palettes were articulated from the earth tones of nature paintings by Ohara Koson.

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