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NATTA is a ready-to-wear designer brand founded by Jenny Nattakarn after graduating from Fashion Design Womenswear at Istituto Marangoni in London.


NATTA stands by the concepts of deconstruction and modernism of womenswear’s silhouette. We focused on exploring new ways of constructing garments to even small exquisite finishing details to make each of them unique but wearable with the balance between masculinity and femininity. We take influences from architectures, cultures and artisans and bound them together. The essential components of NATTA are the creativity and refined shapes, elegantly unusual finishing with a contemporary approach.


InSPIRED by the concept of politics and embracing different cultural backgrounds. Creating clothes that mirrored the society and people within it. NATTA is possessed with uniform-like silhouettes that have been profoundly developed to bring the contemporary look yet with the past resemblance of classic components such as tailoring and soft eveningwear shapes.


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